Wilde Soul

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by Hanna Paloma Hernandez The story of place, the relationship a person cultivates with a particular area over an extended period of time is alchemical; both place and soul are transformed and nourished.  My roots [» Read More...]

Come Wander Wetlands with FSPW!

Two participants look for birds during a spring birding outing with Brian Baxter.
Photo by Brian Baxter.
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Fall is the perfect weather for exploring the area’s wetlands. No bugs buzzing around, cool fall temperatures. Share a day of discovering the amazing diversity of wetlands, lake habitats, and forest edge effects on October [» Read More...]

A Wild Heart of the World

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I am sitting amidst the high sources of one of the wildest, most beautiful streams I’ve ever seen; in one of the wild hearts of the world. The earth has more than one wild heart, [» Read More...]

Goat Days of Summer

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Hiking to over 7,000’ in elevation is a great way to beat the heat – usually it’s almost 20 degrees cooler up there! The goats are enjoying the shade, so there have been fewer at [» Read More...]