Goat Mountain Trail #35 Survey Day 2

When: Friday May 03, 2019
Where: Goat Mountain Trail #35
Address:250 Lightning Creek Road, Clark Fork, ID 83811

Contact: Sandy Compton
Ph/Email: sandy@scotchmanpeaks.org   
Event Description:
SurveyTeam 500SQ

Join the survey crew! We will be reestablishing and flagging the Goat Mountain Trail #35 alignment in preparation for heavy maintenance later in the summer, to include brushing and tread repair and reconstruction.
We only need 3 or 4 folks per day on this phase, but we have 3 days scheduled, with a thought that we might need at least one more.

How to get there:

Goat Mountain Trail leaves Lightning Creek Road #409 about 2.5 miles north of Clark Fork. Details to follow as the day approaches.