August 11 SaturTRAILday — Little Spar Lake Trail #143

When: Saturday Aug 11, 2018
Where: Little Spark Lake Trail #143
Address:Way out in the middle of nowhere on the east side of the Scotchman Peaks.

Contact: Sandy Compton
Event Description:

Cross cut opportunities! Weed whacking galore. Some tag alder thrown in for fun. Rocks to play with. It’s a gorgeous place to spend the day, Pulaski in hand or not.

How to get there:

Take Hwy 200 east from Sandpoint 50 miles ± to Hwy 56 at  “Bull River Junction”.  (About 25 to 30 minutes east of Clark Fork, or about 20 minutes west of Trout Creek).  Turn north on Highway 56, and drive north about 25 miles to the intersection with the Revett Troy Mine Road. (If you get to Little Joe, you have gone a mile too far.) Turn west on the mine road, watching for a small sign on the right pointing to Spar Lake. Follow this road to FS Road #384 (the next intersection). Go left and follow signs to Spar Lake. Drive past the Spar Lake campground four miles on a lightly maintained FS road to the trailhead.