Star Gulch Trail #1016 Work Weekend

Fri - Sun
28 - 30
When: Friday Jun 28, 2019 through Sunday Jun 30, 2019 (Note: Multi-Day Event)
Where: Star Gulch Trail #1016
Address:625 Highway 200, Heron, MT 59844

Contact: Sandy Compton
Event Description:

Hike in on Friday, June 27, with a Montana Wilderness Association crew who will be helping haul tools and water for the weekend. June 29th and 30, we will work downhill from the lookout. The first day will be rock tossing in the big talus slope on the north, and a camp at the spring below the lookout on the 29th. On the 30th, we will continue downhill with pulaskis, pruners and handsaws, improving and repairing tread and brushing. We will quit about mid afternoon and walk out to Bull River Highway. Cold adult beverages and salty snacks will be waiting at the crew leader’s house at the end of the day.

How to get there:

We will walk in on Trails 999 and 998 from Highway 200 and exit via Star Gulch to Highway 56. Details to follow as the day approaches.