Wilderness Volunteers come to Little Spar Trail #143

When: Saturday Jul 13, 2019
Where: Little Spar Lake Trail #143
Address:The very end of Forest Road #384

Contact: Sandy Compton
Ph/Email: sandy@scotchmanpeaks.org   
Event Description:

We have a dozen people from Wilderness Volunteers coming to work on the upper Little Spar Lake Trail July 14 through 20, and we need support from a few folks to help haul the Volunteers’ food and supplies in to the lake for a six-day campout. Consider it a nice hike to the lake with a bit of extra weight that you don’t have to carry back. You’ll also get to meet folks from around the country who love to work in wilderness!

How to get there:

Forest Road #384 is the access to Spar Lake Campground and the Little Spar trailhead from Lake Creek Road, with a connector from the Troy Mine Road as well. Folks who sign up for this hike will be given detailed directions as the day approaches.