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Field Day Friday: A Kid Hike up Trail #999

Date: FridayAug 11, 2017
Rating: Easy to Moderate
Leader: Sandy Compton and Britta Mireley
Directions to Trailhead or Meeting Location:

Trail #999 is 100 yards, plus or minus, up Forest Road 2292 from its intersection with MT Highway 200 6.5 miles east of the Montana/Idaho border. Carpooling will be available from Sandpoint.

Hike Description:

IMG_5831Bring your youngster out for a walk in the woods with the kids from Bonner Homeless Transitions. You can literally watch lives change as the kids get away from the electronic world and outside among more wonders than many of them have ever seen before. FSPW leaders welcome kids from 3 to 13 (and parents as well) on these low-impact adventures.

Trail #999 rises from deep forest along a live stream up into open meadows with lots of big views. There are shady rest spots along the way, and a terrific place for a picnic lunch.

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