Please note the Difficulty Rating of each hike and choose hikes within your personal physical limits. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up early!

Community Kids Hike – Regal Creek & Morris Creek

Thank you for your interest in this hike! Unfortunately, this is an OLD hike. Please revisit our Current Hiking Schedule to select an alternative hike.

Date: FridayJun 24, 2016
Rating: Easy to Moderate
Leader: Britta Mireley
Directions to Trailhead or Meeting Location:

Take Highway 200 (east from Sandpoint) to Clark Fork. Turn north at the Chevron Station and follow Lightning Creek Road 419. Trail #556 is at Milepost 6. Carpooling will be available from Sandpoint and from Clark Fork. Meeting locations will be announced.

Hike Description:

FSPW has partnered with Bonner Homeless Transitions to introduce children staying with them to the great outdoors! We’ll be doing 4 hikes throughout the summer:  Regal Creek & Morris Creek, Ross Creek Cedars, East Fork of Blue Creek and lastly, Star Peak.

If you are curious about who Bonner Homeless Transitions is, you can check out their website here, or read a great article about them in the Bonner County Daily Bee here.

On June 24, we’ll be headed part way up Regal Creek and Morris Creek trails. If you and your child (12 or younger) would like to join us on this easy day hike, sign up here.