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Sawtooth Mountain

Thank you for your interest in this hike! Unfortunately, this is an OLD hike. Please revisit our Current Hiking Schedule to select an alternative hike.

Date: MondayJul 17, 2017
Rating: Strenuous
Leader: Sandy Compton
Directions to Trailhead or Meeting Location:

Meet at the hike leader's house at 124 Montana Highway 200, 9 miles east of Clark Fork at 8 am MOUNTAIN time, 7 am Pacific.

Hike Description:
On the way to Sawtooth Mountain.

On the way to Sawtooth Mountain.

Hike leader Sandy Compton has climbed this mountain over a dozen times, and every adventure is a bit different. Hike into the East Fork of Blue Creek to iconic Sawtooth Mountain. This is a mostly off-trail experience with lots of bushes to whack, a few smallish cliffs to deal with, some dandy views and rugged country to traverse. If we’re feeling lucky, we might debouch the mountains via the South Fork of Ross Creek. It will be a long day, so bring your best hiking game, layers and a rain coat, lots of snacks, a dandy lunch and wear good, sturdy boots. Your tennies ain’t gonna cut it.


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