How to volunteer for the Wolverine Project

Volunteering with the FSPW Wolverine Project takes many forms. Some of our volunteers commit to becoming Monitoring Station Leaders and spend several days over the course of the season visiting backcountry camera stations. Others have more limited schedules, but still enjoy a fun and educational trek into the backcountry when they have the opportunity to assist our station leaders. Volunteers also work in our office in Sandpoint, ID, where they sort through wildlife camera photos and enter data collected from our monitoring stations.

In mid-January, Monitoring Station Leaders begin to set up camera stations throughout our study area in places that are likely to see animal activity over the winter. Leaders adopt a camera station for the duration of the field season, setting it up and then taking it down in early spring.

This season, FSPW volunteers are taking the lead on 15-18 camera stations in the Idaho Panhandle. These camera stations consist of several important parts. A bait, generally a skinned beaver, is wired snuggly to a tree to attract scavenging critters. Then the wildlife camera is installed on a nearby tree to digitally capture any activity that occurs at the station, and if we’re lucky, it will show us pictures of those mysterious mustelids we call wolverines!

A few of our great volunteers from last season!

A few of our great volunteers from last season!

If you want to volunteer, but don’t want to take the lead on a station, there are always opportunities to partner with our station leaders and get into the backcountry as your schedule permits. There are also opportunities to assist the Friends with other project needs throughout the season, such as perusing photos of wolverines from the bait station cameras! However you decide to help, involving yourself in the Wolverine Project this winter gives you the chance to be a part of a truly amazing citizen scientist initiative here in the Idaho Panhandle.

If you want to volunteer, you can start the process by completing our online volunteer application.

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