August 25 SaturTRAILday — East Fork Peak Trail #563

When: Saturday Aug 25, 2018
Where: East Fork Peak Trail #563
Address:750o Lightning Creek Road, Clark Fork, ID 83811

Contact: Sandy Compton
Event Description:

This trail needs to be more easily found, so we will be working on its intersection with East Fork Trail #134 to better define where it leaves the other to begin the climb toward East Fork Peak. Wow. We might even be able to put up a new trail sign, always fun. Tread work and brushing will be the order of the day.

How to get there:

Take Highway 200 (east from Sandpoint) to Clark Fork.  Turn north at the Chevron Station and follow Lightning Creek Road 419.  At about 7.5 miles, you will cross East Fork Creek (a large bridge).  On the north side of East Fork Creek, a road leads about a third of a mile back to a large parking area. Trail #134 begins there, and its about a mile to the intersection of #563, where the work begins.