Trail Project Day: Little Spar Lake #143

When: Saturday Jul 29, 2023
Where: Little Spar Lake

Contact: Joel Thompson
Event Description:

If you haven’t hiked to Little Spar Lake you are missing out on a gem in the Scotchman Peaks. This little lake reminds me of lakes in the Wallows, or the Enchantments without the need of a permit or the crowds. It’s so beautiful!   You’ll help to clear downed trees, repair tread, enhance trail by trimming back plants and reduce user-created shortcuts on the trail.

Wear sturdy boots, carry lots of water, pack lunch and lots of snacks, dress in long pants, long shirt, hat, sunblock, and bring your own work gloves.

We will meet @8am-3pm PST

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How to get there:

Little Spar Lake:

From Highway 56 in Montana, turn West onto Arco Mine Rd. Continue on Arco Mine Rd. for about 3 miles before turning right onto National Forest (NF) Rd. 7148 and then continue onto NF Rd 384. Follow NF road 384 for about 5 miles past the Southern end of the lake until the road ends. The trailhead will be at the end of this road.

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