Family Snowshoe in the Ross Creek Cedars

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Date: SaturdayFeb 05, 2022
Rating: Easy
Leader: Erin Mader Plue
Directions to Trailhead or Meeting Location:

Hike Description:

We will park at the Ross Creek Cedars winter parking lot and start snowshoeing or hiking up the road as far as we want to go. If conditions are good and morale is high, we will make it a 7/8 mile round trip adventure. Erin’s kids are 7 and 9 years old and will be setting the pace, making this a great hike for adventurers of all ages. Plus, there will be opportunities to break into two groups if there is a diverse age and capability range. Make sure to bring extra layers (especially socks) and lots of food and water. The group will meet at the trailhead at 11am Mountain Time and return around 3:30 Mountain Time.

Appproximate GPS coordinates for the Ross Creek Cedars winter parking lot are: 48.211126, -115.866427

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