Kinnikinnik Native Plant Society Supports the Scotchmans

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Phil Hough
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Rae Charlton
(208) 255-7666Secretary
Annette Fraser-Runnalls
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Marilyn George
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Arboretum Manager
Sylvia M. Chatburn
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Lois Wythe
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Board Members
Ken Haag
(208) 255-4413

Molly O’Reilly
(208) 255-7336

Nancy Rodgers
(208) 265-2541

Ann Wimberley
(208) 264-5379

“Resolution Supporting the Proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area

The Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society recognizes the need to protect contiguous and intact ecosystems, retaining their natural state, in order to ensure the continued health and survival of native flora.

Therefore we encourage and support local, state and federal representatives to act in favor of the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness.

Designating the Scotchman Peaks as wilderness protects the natural beauty, the unique qualities and the biodiversity of this special place, offering safe harbor for many rare and endangered species and their habitats.”

Download the PDF here.

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