It’s almost wolverine season!

Here at the office we’re quickly gearing up for what promises to be a great season for wolverine “hunting” in the Idaho panhandle.  This season marks the second year of  FSPW volunteer involvement in the rare forest carnivore study begun by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in 2010. The study uses camera stations to capture wolverines and their mustelid cousins on film in their natural habitat.  Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers who have signed up to take the monitoring station leader training this Saturday, and to those who have signed up to help leaders with their stations.  We look forward to getting everyone up to date and ready to enjoy their winter wolverine adventures!
If you’re still interested in volunteering but haven’t had time to get in touch with us, please send your inquiries to our wolverine project coordinator, Kelsey Brasseur, at  There will be many opportunities to help out with this fun and interesting project throughout the winter.  Be sure to check back often to hear stories from the field, read updates about what critters we’ve caught on film, and find out about upcoming wolverine events.

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