It’s Wolverine Wednesday: Look who we found!

FSPW’s Rare Carnivore Study had a great find last week!  At one of our Corridor Camera Stations, a new carnivore has been captured on camera!

Team Gulo Gulo, in their outstanding commitment to research and the proposed wilderness area, have set up two cameras in the southeastern portion of the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area.  And they have been checking on the cameras as well, which is how they came across their most recent finding…cougar2

A Cougar!

Is this is the first incidence recording of Puma concolor that our volunteers have obtained throughout our four-year involvement with the Multispecies Baseline Initiative?  Many, many pictures of deer came first, and then their hungry pursuer.  What a great find for one of our twelve Corridor Cameras around the Scotchman Peaks proposal.cougar1


The cards will begin coming in at a higher frequency during the coming weeks, as crews conduct station removal in time for the March 31st deadline and submit their data cards for review.  Photo Warriors have received a notice of impending summons, and I’ve still got my fingers crossed for some cool forest critter discoveries!

In the meantime, while we wait to peek at more photos, don’t forget to mark the date:  April 8th will be our 2013-2014 Wolverine Watch results party!  Everyone who has been involved in, supported, or followed FSPW and partner groups Citizen Scientist involvement in this project is encouraged to attend!  Meet some of our Citizen Scientists, learn about our results, and congratulate the recipients of the 2013-14 Badass Award which will be given out sometime during the evening.  Check our Events page on our website for times and location.

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