Its Wolverine Wednesday!

A week of sun and warming temperatures have our snow-WW$mobilers a bit nervous!  Nontheless, another bait camera was retrieved over this last week, thanks to the perseverance of FSPW volunteers Jim Mellen and Kevin Davis.

Jim Mellen offered to help in the stead of a previous volunteer, who unfortunately had a little too much fun this winter, skiied a little too hard, and ended up with a torn ACL.  Get better, Hank!!!


Initial analysis of the data images from their bait plot showed marten, a snowshoe hare, and squirrel appearances.WW@

Our Photo Warrior this week was Holly Clements.  Thanks for your time and keen eye, Holly!

3 more bait plots will filter in over the next few weeks, but there is no knowing when just now.  Keep your eyes open for what’s happening next week!

Stay Wild!



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