It’s Wolverine Wednesday

New growth by the lake does not at first translate into spring in the high country!  As we wait for suitable conditions to retrieve our remaining bait stations, many great events this month and next kickoff the onset of summer!

Join us this May 14th as the 2014 State of the Scotchman’s hosts Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson, a 2013 Pacific Crest Trail record-breaker for the fastest unsupported thru-hike of the PCT in it’s history.  On May 31st, we kickoff trail stewardship of Star Peak and more, with our Trails Skills Workshops‘ Crosscut, Chain saw, and Hand tool review and tips, followed the next day with our Guided Hike Series hike ‘how-to’s’ basics and safety reviews.  Camp with us and enjoy grilled burgers and fireside entertainment.

Our Guided Hike Series and Educational classes are ongoing this summer, and of course we hope to see all our Friends as BradBell3we celebrate wilderness at beautiful Bull Lake, MT July 11th-13th.  We have Trail Stewardship days and Treasured Landscapes restoration to keep our hands helping this season as well!  And get ready for one fantastic evening this fall as we tour on gorgeous Lake Pend Orielle Cruises’ Shawnodese to the Clark Fork delta for a view of the Scotchman’s, enjoy hors d’oeuvres  and entertainment, and hopefully spy wildlife critters stirring as the sun begins to set.

That’s just the tip of of it!

And as we transition into the summer season, I hope you’ll join me for our weekly weekend blog, Winds in the Wilderness, as we keep up on all the current good works going on in our beautiful Wilderness with Friends of the Scotchman Peaks all around!

Thanks everyone!

Keep wild for now!


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