It’s Wolverine Wednesday! Spring Break….

Hello Wolverine Watchers!  The week behind us proved similar to the week that preceded it:  unstable avalanche conditions.  FSPW Volunteer crews are holding back awhile yet, for safety.  Promising photographs of a mountain lion captured at out Corridor Station (see WW: Look Who We Found!) 2 weeks ago and reports of lynx in the area, plus plenty of track sightings throughout the last couple of months have me really excited to check out those photographs!

Thank you to all you Photo Warriors who have responded to requests for volunteer assistance.  It is looking like all the cards are going to come in at once, so it will be a full-on battle!!

And, of course, great thanks to our Wolverine Crews, stay safe and have fun out there!  Be sure to check the snow conditions before you begin your adventures once again!

Don’t forget to join us April 8th at Eichardt’s Pub and Grill for our Wolverine Volunteer Appreciation Party, 5:30-7:30.  Bring a favorite dish to share!

The Project Coordinator is going to take full advantage of this pause for some spring-office-cleaning.  So this blog is sweet and short.  Here are some fun pictures from our crews’ wilderness endeavors thus far.  Enjoy!

jim bc plot   celeste cc plot

eric bc plot








WW-rod by treeremounting camera







mbi mike with gear

mbi class 6






jason bc plot










Until Next Week…. keep your eyes open and your minds wild!!!

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