It’s Wolverine Wednesday! Spring melt…

FSPW Wolverine crews are back on the trail, with several bait and corridor camera stations coming down over the last weekend.

For our Corridor Camera Stations, Phil Hough and his crew, Geoff Harvey and his crew, and team Gulo Gulo all brought in data cards for our Photo Warriors to view.  Gulo Gulo’s camera had recorded some deer, but the cougar they caught on the camera a few weeks ago didn’t make his presence known again.  Phil Hough’s crew’s camera, placed above a moose bed, finally captured some images of the ol’ ungulate.  Geoff Harvey’s crew’s results are yet to be analyzed, look for that data next week!  Thank you to all these crews for their great attitudes, hard work, and commitment to stewardship!

regal corridor group shot

moose corridor






For our Bait Camera Stations, BCS # 7 team Kristin Litz and Robin Carlton of Missoula, and BCS # 6 team and Ray Libby and Erick Dickinson made it into the wilderness and back with their data over the last week.  Lots and lots (and lots of lots of) marten, very pleased about these research efforts (no doubt), graced the station with an appetite for beaver and a free meal.  fisher

BC # 7 also has the honor of capturing a fisher, the second fisher for FSPW Citizen Scientist crews this season.  This station was one of our most remote stations, and these two went all-star-human-powered style to their plot and back both times.  And with their second visit being in mid-thirty degree temperatures and a constant rainy rain, these two are most definitely in the running for the 2014 Badass Award!  Not only are they great Citizen Scientists, they are also really good photographers!  Check them out at their Facebook page.  Thank you guys for all your hard work, perseverance, and can-do attitudes.

Martn Day

And a final big Thank You to our Photo Warriors, Holly Clements and Celeste Grace, for all of your office time and keen observations over the last couple of weeks!

Until next week, keep your eyes open and your minds wild!

Marten night

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