Kootenai Forest Plan Decision Announced

Your Help Is Needed

The Kootenai National Forest, in their forest revision draft map, has eliminated ALL recommended wilderness, replacing it with a “wildlands” category.   We need letters NOW to the regional forester Gail Kimbell expressing our disappointment over this outrageous decision and urging her to return wilderness to the Kootenai forest!  Your letter does not need to be long, just make it clear that you want Wilderness for the Scotchmans and send it today.

There are two ways that you can help:

  • Visit the Montana Wilderness Association Action Center – this is a user-friendly and interactive website that allows you to compose and submit templated electronic letters to the elected officials that make decisions about wilderness lands designation and protection.   It’s a very easy way to make your voice and opinions heard.
  • Send your letter today! – If you prefer to sit down and put pen to paper, visit this page to read more about this decision and for a list of officials to whom your comments should be directed.


Please take the time today to let our government know how you feel on this subject.   Together we really can make a difference.

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