Movie project moves toward completion.

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness is helping to produce a movie about our grassroots effort to gain protection for the Scotchman Peaks. Two years ago we hosted three young film makers from Muhlenberg College who made a movie about our “Plein Air Art” project, combining Wilderness and the Arts. It’s been well received. In fact, Jake Glass, received one of the prestigious “Brower Youth Awards” from the Earth Island Institute for his work on that film and their next project “Grass-Routes”, the film about our grass roots effort to protect the Scotchman Peaks. We anticipate that the finished documentary will be about 30 minutes long and complete sometime in February.  Trailers for  “Grass-Routes” can be seen:

In order to complete “Grass-Routes”, the film makers returned this summer to shoot additional interviews including some great footage of the collaborative work we are doing, with powerful interviews of Bob Boeh (Idaho Forest Group) and Tim Lindsay (Revett Mining) and and their support for our wilderness proposal.  It was while they were here filming that Jake learned he had been selected to receive a Brower Youth Award for the film project, so the Earth Island Institute sent out a professional film team to film Jake and Jacob filming us!  The 5 minute video they produced about Jake and our movie project can be viewed at:

This video will appear on National Geo and Sundance cable networks in the near future, adding to the exposure for the final film and make it more likely to get accepted into one of the film festivals that the film makers are entering. The film makers will be showing it to various groups in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and other places back east. Our own plans include showcasing this film at events we hold throughout northern Idaho, Western Montana and Eastern Washington. We will be working with our conservation partners to get the film shown across Idaho, Washington and Montana and we will hope to get some use of it at national conservation conventions.

We are seeking out sponsors to be listed in the film credits. “This film made possible in part by the following ……” There are several levels, but for business logos we are suggesting $500 – which will be good exposure for the sponsoring organizations/business.  There are some other sponsor perks – a DVD, tickets to the premier etc. Full sponsorship details at

Thank you for your interest in this exciting project.  We are hoping to wrap up a list of the sponsors by the end of January, so let me know if you have any questions and what level you would be interested in participating!

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