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Are you a writer/journalist/other member of the media looking for information about, and/or photos of, the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness? Please read this page as it will provide you with links to a variety of resources and access to photos.

For general information on Wilderness:

For information specific to the Scotchman Peaks proposed Wilderness Area

  • Read our page: Background Facts
  • You can get answers to many questions about Wilderness Areas in general or about the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area in particular on our FAQs page.

For information about the Friends of Scotchman Peaks

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Photo Collection

Below is a collection of photos that represents the “best” of over 80,000 photos submitted to the Friends of Scotchman Peaks, from numerous photographers.

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness has the rights to use these photos and will grant the right to use them in media publications or other non-commercial uses which promote our communities and our region.

Media/Image Use Request

  • When you click on any of the photos, it will open in an overlay with the Image Name displayed - enter that image name here. PLEASE NOTE: if you're requesting more than ONE image, you may list the additional image names in the text box labeled PURPOSE - it isn't necessary to submit multiple copies of this form - thanks!
  • Please enter the name of the website or publication
  • Please tell us a bit about WHY you want to use this image, if it's to accompany an article, what is the article about?
  • If you need a High Res version please change this to Yes and specify WHY in the text box labeled PURPOSE - thanks!
  • Please enter the characters into the box below them ~thanks!
  • Please use THIS form to let us know how/where/why you are using the photo, and/or to request a hi-res version if needed for print.
  • We ask only that you attribute the image properly with a photo credit for both this website and the photographer.
  • PLEASE download and read our Photo Media Information and Permissions Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Please ALSO download our Photo Titles and Credits (Excel spreadsheet) for titles, descriptions, and photographer’s credit.


Please direct any questions to any of the following:

Photos Of Scotchman Peaks