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Movies and Films in the Scotchmans

Wildman Pictures

We hope you’ll enjoy these movies from Wildman Pictures of wilderness scenes taken from within the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area….but more importantly we hope they’ll inspire you to come spend some time in this beautiful roadless area – hiking, camping, fishing, or just relaxing.

Come see what the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area has to offer you and your family, and why it’s so important to protect its future.

Grass Routes: Changing The Conversation — The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness have changed the conversation about Wilderness in North Idaho and western Montana by listening to what other interested parties have to say.

En Plein Air — Follow the artists of the Extreme Plein Air hike through the Scotchmans and learn about the Peaks and why the painters paint them.

Other films from the Scotchmans

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness was highlighted in an episode of This American Land in 2016. Check out the video here.

Dapp Studios also produced two short films for FSPW in 2016:  one highlighting the trail ambassador goat education partnership with the forest service and one about the Backcountry Ranger Intern program.

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  • Bee on Monkshood
    Bee On Monks Hood
    Monkhead are found on the wetter east side of the Scotchmans
    Photo by Phil Hough
  • Cedar Banks
    Cedar Banks
    Old growth cedar lines the lower elevation streams
    Photo by Monte Dodge
  • Tree with Falls
    Tree With Falls
    Clear streams and colorful leaves make fall a special time in the Scotchmans
    Photo by Monte Dodge
  • Gazing at Scotchman Peaks
    Gazing at Scotchman Peak
    Three “Friends” look on at the namesake Scotchman Peak – wow aren’t those great shirts?
    Photo by Paul Clark
  • Tree Huggers
    Tree Huggers
    How many cross-country skiers does it take to surround a tree?  Guess the right number and you win!  Sorry – there isn’t any prize, but you get to tell everyone you know that you won!
    Photo by Phil Hough
  • Wildflowers on Vertigo Ridge
    Wildflowers on Vertigo Ridge
    Abundant summer wildflowers are found on the high alpine ridge
    Photo by Phil Hough
  • On Vertigo Ridge
    Hikers on Vertigo Ridge
    Two backpackers look at Savage Mountain and scout the route that lies ahead
    Photo by Phil Hough
  • Beargrass Savage
    Beargrass Savage
    Summer in the Scotchmans brings a lush carpet of beargrass to the higher slopes
    Photo by Phil Hough
  • Hiker and scenic vista
    Hiker and scenic vista
    Overlooking East Fork Blue Creek and Billiard Table Mountain
    Photo by Bonnie Merrell
  • Scene from 24 Hour Pass
    Scene from 24-Hour Pass
    Pointing across the Middle Fork Ross Creek
    Photo by Sandy Compton
  • Resident on Scotchman Peak
    Resident on Scotchman Peak
    We asked for a comment, but he had none.
    Photo by Jan Griffitts
  • Wilderness stream crossing
    Wilderness Stream Crossing
    Ann Wimberly crosses East Fork Creek
    Photo by Philip Hough
  • Winter on Scotchman Peak
    Winter on Scotchman Peak
    Photo by Philip Hough
  • Cornice on Scotchman Peak
    Cornice on Scotchman Peak
    Photo by Philip Hough
  • Descending Scotchman Peak
    Descending Scotchman Peak
    Deb Hunsicker showshoes down
    Photo by Philip Hough
  • Goat Ridge
    Goat Ridge
    Jan Griffitts snowshoes toward Scotchman No.2
    Photo by Philip Hough

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