Neil Wimberley

Neil Wimberley

Board Member, Hope/Clark Fork Outreach Director

Neil was born in Alabama in 1947. He graduated from medical school in 1973, and practiced pulmonary medicine for 25 years on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Alabama.

In addition to FSPW, he enjoys hiking and has previously served on the Conservation Committee of the Kinnikinnick Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society, as well as the board of the Sandpoint Chapter of the Ice Age Institute, and the Advisory Board of Bonner General Hospital.

“We have been fortunate to come to live in an incredibly beautiful part of our country. Many of the wild places we grew up in as children and took for granted back East no longer exist today. They have been clear cut, and drained, and paved with asphalt and concrete. This is our last and only chance to save our special wild places in the West.”

Phone: (208) 264-5379