The Friends Take a Field Trip

he Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness recently enjoyed a day trip into the Ross Creek Cedars area with Larry Evans of the Western Mycological Society (based in Missoula, MT), where Larry presented a very lively and informative look at the fall mushrooms that inhabit the area.  The outing was co-sponsored by the Kinnikinnick Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society, and included a slide show preceding the field trip.

Larry covered many aspects of the northwest’s edible mushrooms, including culture, symbiotic relationships, growth habits, gathering, and culinary uses.   Some of the fungi covered included the boletes, suillus, cantharellus, aminita, armillaria, hygrophorus, russula, the ever-popular matsutaki, and others.

Anyone interested in learning more about mushrooms can visit Larry’s site, The Fungal Jungle.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

Larry Evans PresentationLarry Evans PresentationLarry Evans Presentation
Larry Evans PresentationLarry Evans Presentation

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