Tuesday Trail Talk

We guard wild land for our children so that they may experience its magnificence and impart its value to generations yet to come. There are two special weeks this summer when different-aged groups can share their knowledge and love of the wild. The Montana Conservation Corps (MCC), which empowers youth and young adults through conservation service and education, will be in one of our favorite neighborhoods. An MCC youth crew will camp at Spar Lake and work on the trail to Little Spar Lake the weeks of July 23rd and August 6th.

You can mingle with the crews from a few hours to the entire week. You don’t have to do any heavy work unless you want to wield a Pulaski. In fact, you can just hang out at Spar Lake and spend some time with the young people in the evening. This is a wonderful opportunity; you might even generate a positive change in some young lives. Contact trails@scotchmanpeaks.org if you want a chance to make a real difference. Oh, and dinners are on FSPW if you let us know as soon as possible which day(s) you can be there.

Volunteering for stewardship and outreach efforts are also very important — and enjoyable — ways to benefit the Scotchman Peaks. There are three more Star Peak Trail re-build days — one is coming up this Friday, July 20th and the others are August 3rd and August 17th. For something a little different, the three prong work day on the Cabinet District is July 28th. We will gather at Blacktail Creek Trail, then split into three crews — one crew will do some trail work, the second will look for weeds and the third will help place information signs at trailheads in the Clark Fork and Bull River valleys. Contact trails@scotchmanpeaks.org for more information.

If you prefer people to a Pulaski, the Huckleberry Festival in Trout Creek, Montana and the Bonner County Fair are both in August. We need people to march in the Huckleberry Festival parade on Saturday, August 11th and folks to sit (or stand) at the booth on August 11th or 12th to make some new Friends. Ernie Scherzer is keeping track of everyone, so contact xberea@blackfoot.net or trails@scotchmanpeaks.org .

All Roads Lead to the Fair this year, so come on out to the Bonner County Fair August 20-26 and lend a hand at our booth — or just a smile will do. Talk to old friends and make some new Friends. Sell some SWAG. Get some calorie-loaded treats at the Fair. Have fun. Contact trails@scotchmanpeaks.org to have first choice of days/times.

See you on the trail!

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