Winds in the Wilderness

8 FSPW Volunteers were certified over the past week in Wilderness and Remote First Aid.  Board Member and Volunteer Carol Jenkins lead two sessions of instruction in WFA, including assessing patient needs and administering first aid in remote locations, where help is often an hour or more away.  Each session included a prerequisite certification in CPR and AED use.

Participants met at the Waterlife Discovery Center and conducted the intensive 16 hour course as a series of classroom sessions followed by ‘case-scenario’ sessions over two days.  In the classroom, students learned about assessing the scene of the accidents/situations, key into the most vital needs of patients, and how to administer differenwfa pict types of first aid as well as monitor patients and record medical information.  After each subject, students were taken outside to apply these tools and techniques in case-scenarios.  In these scenarios, some students acted as ‘patients,’ while other students would have to determine what had happened to the ‘patients’ and determine the best course of action to take for that situation, and what kind of first aid should be administered, if any.

navigationWe are grateful to be able to certify our field-going volunteers in this Volunteer Certification Program’s second year.  Having the knowledge and exposure to backcountry responses in first aid emergencies keeps our volunteers prepared for safety as they conduct amazing work for wilderness.  FSPW Volunteers are all over the wilderness this summer, performing trail maintenance to keep our trails clear, streambank stabilization for watershed restoration, noxious weed surveys to mitigate invasion, high elevation botanical surveys, campground rehabilitation, and leading others deep into the wilderness, sharing their love of the land.  Check out our Events & Hikes calendars and join us this summer!

Thanks Carol, and all our volunteers!

Until next week, Stay Wild!


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