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Private donations from Friends directly support over 50% of the work we do preserving the unique wilderness character of the [» Read More...]


Anthony South won our 2013 photo contest, and then, he wrote this.

Anthony South, of Troy,  is not only a great photographer, he’s a good writer.  This essay appeared in the February [» Read More...]


Celebrating 50 Years of the Wilderness Act.

This “Voices in the Wilderness” first appeared in the Western News, December 17. By Kelly Palmer, Troy, Montana I’ve had [» Read More...]

A Mountain Goat on Scotchman Peak

Give Thanks for the Wild

During the holiday season we give thanks for those things which make our lives better. Often, these are the simple [» Read More...]

Ross Cedars Creek

$1000 grant for wolverines is looking for a match.

A generous anonymous donor has once again put $1000 into our coffers for the upcoming winter rare carnivore study. We [» Read More...]

Conducting education, outreach and stewardship to advocate for the preservation of the Scotchman Peaks Roadless area