A three hour cruise!

Come join us on the Shawnodese cruise boat for a three hour cruise on September 2o. This is a limited [» Read More...]

WildWeekend 972

Our Wild Weekend For Wilderness is coming September 5 and 6!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act on September 5 and 6 with FSPW and the Idaho Conservation League [» Read More...]


Winds in the Wilderness

At 4300ft elevation wild sarsaparilla faded out, while the terrain held strong. Scratchy, porous, ruby brushed rocks appeared housing beargrass [» Read More...]


Winds in the Wilderness: Young and Old Growth

When the temperatures breach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to head for the hills, and the cool refuge of [» Read More...]


Winds in the Wilderness: This Land IS Your Land!

Happy Independence Day, Friends!  I hope you all had some chances over the sunny holiday weekend to enjoy this beautiful [» Read More...]

Conducting education, outreach and stewardship to advocate for the preservation of the Scotchman Peaks Roadless area