Our Mission

People need wild places. They make us healthier. They make us happier. And they remind us of the wider natural world we’re a part of. 

To pass on a Scotchman Peaks Wilderness for our children and grandchildren.

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness is committed to connecting the people of North Idaho and Northwest Montana with their wild backyard. Situated near the Idaho-Montana border, Scotchman Peaks is the highest point in Bonner County, Idaho, at 7,009 feet. The Friends’ mission is to make sure this rugged land is saved for our children and grandchildren. 

That means making the area accessible with well-maintained trails. It means educating the public about what wilderness is and why it matters. And it means advocating for laws and public policy that keeps wild places undeveloped and untamed. 

In the wilderness, we escape to a place where life is simpler. Clearer. Quieter. It’s a gift given to us by the people who have come before us. And it’s one the Friends are committed to saving. No matter how modern life changes, there will always be an opportunity to find your wild place.