Hiking in the Scotchmans

There are endless opportunities to explore in the Scotchmans. We’re here to get you the info you need to get outside safely. The Scotchmans are rugged and the trails are steep. Make sure you plan ahead and prepare for camping, backpacking, or hiking in the Scotchmans.

About the Peaks

The proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area is National Forest land spanning the border of northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. The 88,000-acre area is roadless, making it a great place for wildlife and people to find solitude.

Known for its iconic mountain goat herd, the Scotchman Peaks are home to numerous species of wildlife and fish, old growth forest, adventurous trails, and scenic views of Lake Pend Oreille and the surrounding mountains. Scotchman Peak, on the Idaho side, is the high point at 7,009 feet. 

This area is within the traditional homelands of the Qlispe (Kalispel), Ktunaxa (Kootenai), and Schitsu’umch (Coeur d’Alene) people.

The Scotchmans area a uniquely diverse area containing everything from high alpine ecosystems, to moist cedar groves, to ponderosa pine forests.

Trail Descriptions

We’ve got what you need to know to stay safe. Elevation gain, mileage, difficulty, and trailhead driving instructions.  

Hike with Friends

We offer free group hikes year round. There are hikes for everyone – from new hikers to experienced alpinists.

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