Lead a Hike

Are you an avid hiker and lover of the wild Scotchman?

FSPW is looking for volunteers to lead group hikes and outdoor education field trips in and around the Scotchman Peaks. Leading a hike or field trip is a great way to help others fall in love with the Scotchman Peaks as you have. Nothing makes a person want to save the wild Scotchmans like spending some time in them.

We are always accepting applications from volunteer leaders. With that said, we strongly encourage you to submit Summer Hikes by April 5 and Winter Hikes by October 5. This will ensure they end up in the widely distributed FSPW newsletter for better sign-ups!

Group size limits

FSPW has group size limits on all of our hikes and outdoor education field trips in the Scotchman Peaks. If your event is not in the Scotchmans, email info@scotchmanpeaks.org and we’ll figure out group size together.

Little Spar Lake Trail 143#, Ross Creek Trail #142, and Ross Creek Falls Trail #321: 8 people (including leaders)

All other trails: 12 people (including leaders)

Off-trail hikes:  8 people (including leaders)

In addition to filling out the form below, please read the hike leader packet.