Trail Ambassadors

The Scotchman Peaks mountain goats are iconic. They’re also best admired from a distance — if you want to keep Scotchman Peaks open for everyone. 

Goats are curious, and when the become too familiar with humans, that spells trouble for both humans and goats. When hikers feed them or let them lick the salty sweat from their skin, they become dangerous.

When goats get too close with humans, they can become aggressive, leading to hiker injuries and even death.

That’s where the Trail Ambassadors come in. These volunteers hit the trails to make sure hikers know they need to keep their distance from the wildlife. It’s a great reason to get out for a hike while performing an important conservation service. 

Remember, injuries and accidents can lead to trails being shut down, so don’t let that happen in our wild backyard. Become a trail ambassador today!

Watch & Learn: Keeping Goats Safe

Current Trail Ambassadors

Thanks for helping to protect hikers and goats in the Scotchmans! Fill out the Trail Ambassador Report Form below.

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