It could be swinging a Pulaski to improve a wilderness trail. Or sharing the joy of nature by leading a hike. It could be keeping tabs on the local flora and fauna. Stewardship comes in many forms. And in total, they are more than the sum of their parts in advancing the wilderness cause.

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks offers a regular schedule of events and opportunities to put stewardship into practice. Do you have a special skill or talent that could help save the wild Scotchmans? There are more ways to help than you might think! Whether it be working a trail crew or talking to children about trees, it all serves the same cause. 


There’s no better way to show love for Scotchman Peaks than volunteering for trail crews. It’s the work that keeps our wild backyard open for everyone. You can join a group trail day or adopt a trail to go out solo or as a family unit! Read More

Trail Ambassadors

The Scotchman Peaks mountain goats are iconic. They’re also best admired from a distance — if you want to keep Scotchman Peaks open for everyone.
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Winter Tracks

Winter can start to feel pretty long in a classroom. Between the cold temperatures, inclimate weather, and short days, it can be pretty difficult to find time to go enjoy the great outdoors. Enter the Winter Tracks program.
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Citizen Science

You don’t need an advanced degree to advance the cause of science. There are plenty of opportunities right around the corner to gather valuable information that helps us understand our world.
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Treasured Landscapes

A collaboration between Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and the Nation Forest Foundation and U.S. Forest Service, the Treasured Landscapes of Lightning Creek project kicked off in 2013.
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