Our trail crew volunteers love to “claim their trails” by putting a personal signature on them with Pulaskis, cross cut saws and other traditional tools. Each summer,  Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness volunteers do trail reroutes, tread construction and maintenance, hazard tree removal, down log removal, trail brushing, weed mitigation, signage projects, and structure rehabilitation.

Team members build bonds as well, while they learn basic trail safety, cross-cut saw techniques and safety, weed identification, trail building and maintenance techniques and methods, trail standards and more.

Trails in the rugged Scotchman Peaks allow access to the backcountry, heighten enjoyment of our recreational forays, and lessen human impact to wild lands in some of Idaho and Montana’s most awesome landscapes.

Claim your trail by helping with one of our trail projects. (We’re also open to having volunteer trail project leaders.) Demonstrate your love by keeping them open, healthy, and accessible!

The trail signup form is below. Check details of each project here.

To volunteer, fill out the form or contact