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President LBJ signs the Wilderness Act Sept. 3, 1964

President Lyndon Johnson signs the Wilderness Act
Sept. 3rd, 1964

This series of essays is appearing in the Western News of Libby, Montana, and the Sanders County Ledger of Thompson Falls, as part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, signed by Lyndon Johnson into law on September 3, 1964.

These Western Montana residents each write about their special relationship with wild places, Wilderness and wilderness, designated and not.

David Neils — Introduction to a Wild Life

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

By David Neils Growing up in Libby, Montana, I was surrounded by incredibly wild and beautiful country. Our family spent a lot of time in the outdoors. There were trails headed into the Cabinet Mountains [» Read More…]

Leigh Lake September

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

By Phalyn Fickas The September day started out early, before the sun rose, as most expeditions like this do. I laced up my boots, filled my water bottles, and headed out the door with my [» Read More…]

Man Vs. Nature

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

By Kelly Butts-Spirito Eugenio Montale once wrote, “The most dangerous aspect of present-day life is the dissolution of the feeling of individual responsibility. Mass solitude has done away with any difference between the internal and [» Read More…]

A Winter Forest Choir

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2018

By Brian Baxter After the snowfall, Old Man Winter rests. He is warm now, with his long white hair flowing down his shoulders. After conjuring up infinite patterns of snow flakes, each one unique, and [» Read More…]

Surviving a Wild Wind by Annie Gassmann

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2018

By Annie Gassmann We were nearing the end of a mother–daughter backpack trip into the Scapegoat Wilderness. I was in my late teens, eager to explore tall mountains, dark forests and pretend I was the [» Read More…]

Consumed in the Yaak

Posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

By Riley Egan I am a consumer. I take elk, deer, trout, firewood, mushrooms, grouse, berries, experiences, memories, insight, and perspective. I take all of these things selfishly, albeit reverently, from the Yaak Valley. I [» Read More…]