Wilderness & Remote First Aid Certification

Sat - Sun
21 - 22
When: Saturday Apr 21, 2018 through Sunday Apr 22, 2018 (Note: Multi-Day Event)
Where: Sandpoint

Contact: Britta Mireley
Ph/Email: britta@scotchmanpeaks.org   
Event Description:

Do you know what to do if you’re out in the Scotchmans (or anywhere an hour or more from help) and part of your group gets sick or injured? Let FSPW help!

We are offering a 2-day Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Certification course April 21-22 in Sandpoint. The course is $60, just enough to cover the cost of materials and certification. Because this course would normally cost about $200, we do ask that you donate 2 days of volunteer time back to FSPW. This volunteer time can be trail work, working an outreach booth, participating in one of our citizen science projects or a multitude of other opportunities.

We will get the course book to you ahead of time as there will be a brief review test on the materials on the first day of the class. Don’t worry, it won’t be the LSAT; as long as you’ve read the materials, you’ll be fine.

The registration deadline is April 13, so sign up now!

How to get there: