It’s Wolverine Wednesday!

As of today, we have gotten 15 of our 17 stations back from the field! Only two left! One of the most surprising creatures we caught on camera this week was a HUGE bird! The UFO was soon recognized as a Northern Goshawk!

In honor of our feathered friend, here are a few facts about goshawks:

The goshawks’ scientific name is Accipiter gentilis.

  • The northern goshawk is the largest accipiter in North America.
  • When they’re young they have yellow eyes and as they mature their eyes change from yellow to orange to red.
  • They can fly easily in dense forests because of their long rounded tails and short wings.
  • Goshawks are fierce protectors, they will attack animals and people if they get too close to their nest (I have personal experience with this).
  • Attila the Hun wore an image of a Northern Goshawk on his helmet!


March 3rd is our End-of-Season Party! Come celebrate with all of your fellow volunteers! We’ll kick off the festivities at 2:00pm at Eichardt’s located at 212 Cedar St. in downtown Sandpoint!

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