It’s Wolverine Wednesday

January 8th, and finally some more snow!  Alas, the icy conditions of last LynxUPweek has stalled some of our Wolverine Crews from heading out.  One crew reports having to turn back rather than risk the snowmobile tow over a continuous ice sheet!  I am hopeful that the snowfall today and in the extended forecast will help alter the conditions and allow crews to get out.  Us winter-goers need to stay positive!

Other crews are gearing up for this weekend, but are staying tuned and will wait to see how the conditions surrounding their plot sites pan out over the next few days.  Keeping our fingers crossed!

In the meantime, a nice background on some of our beautiful forest carnivores can be found at the following link: American Marten, Fisher, Lynx, and Wolverine . The snowfall presents a nice reason to lie back by the fireplace with a good e-book!

And after a little reading, why not stop down at the Idaho Pour Authority in downtown Sandpoint for our Winter Kickoff event?  Good friends, hand-crafted brews, and live music provide a backdrop to this benefit for our 2014 winter stewardship and winter hikes!  4-8pm, tonight! Contact for more details.



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