It’s Wolverine Wednesday!

Happy Wolverine Wednesday Everyone!

It’s been another busy week here at the Wolverine Project headquarters.  We saw our first Red fox of the season in the Cabinets, and many more fisher, marten, ermine, and other critters throughout the study area.  We’ve set the final round of stations for the season, and now were waiting to see what the remaining cameras find out there in the wilderness!

This week’s updates are listed below.  Please read carefully so you’re in the loop as we approach the end of the season.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 1: Laughing Dog Brewery, 5pm.  Join the Wolverine Crew for an evening of revelry and story sharing at the Laughing Dog Brewery in Ponderay, ID.  Enjoy hand crafted brews and lively conversation with your fellow volunteers.  Don’t forget to wear your Wolverine Watch hats!

Sunday, April 1: End of the Season Bash, Eureka Institute Annex, 2-5pm.  Join the entire Wolverine Crew for our end of the season bash at the Eureka Institute Annex in Sandpoint, ID.  This will be a potluck style event with beverages provided by FSPW.  We’ll be taking the Wolverine Crew group photo, handing out our Exceptional Volunteer awards, including the First Annual “Badass Award”, and wrapping up the project with a summary of your efforts this season.  You won’t want to miss this exiting afternoon of wolverine fun!  Please bring a folding chair or campstool and a dish to pass.

The Eureka Institute Annex is located across from Evans Bros. Coffee, at 513 Oak Street in Sandpoint, ID.


Wolverine Study Album on the FSPW Facebook Page:  If you haven’t already checked out the cool critters and great backcountry photos in our Wolverine Study 2011-12 Album, you’re missing out!  Follow this link to view the album or go to the FSPW Facebook page.

Reflections: We’re still looking for reflections from volunteers on adventures or experiences you’ve had as part of the Wolverine Project this season.  Please email any reflections, stories, or pictures to

The End of the Field Season:

The end of the 2011-12 field season is less than a month away, and we’ve still got a lot going on!  With over 25 stations still in the field, we’ll need everyone’s cooperation to get materials and equipment back to the office in a timely manner.  As mentioned in last week’s update, the official end date for this season is March 24th.  That means all gear, equipment, and supplies need to be in the office on or before that date.  So, start gathering up all those odds and ends of the project you might have sitting around your houses, and plan to return them to the Sandpoint office in the next few weeks.

If you anticipate a conflict in removing your station before March 24th, please contact me as soon as possible so I can arrange for another group to remove your station for you.

Are you obsessively organized? I’d love to have a volunteer help me with the end of the season equipment inventory.  If you are obsessively organized, you’d be perfect for this job!  Please email me at to let me know that you’re interested.


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