It’s Wolverine Wednesday! Fun in the sun…

Another bait camera has come down over the past week along with several more corridor cameras.  To date, four bait stations and 1 corridor station remain to be taken down.  The data that has been analyzed has a variety of results.

Dave Kretzschmar and his crew headed up a corridor camera on the east side of the proposal.  Although scattered tracks were identified in the camera vicinity, their camera did not catch any movement over its time out.  That’s the way it goes sometimes… it’s hard to study things that move!elk

Celeste and her crew retrieved their camera on the SE end of the proposal.  Although in the proximity of our recent cougar camera sighting, the camera included only ungulates.  Nonetheless, this bait camera does have the honor of capturing this season’s first elk!

Jamie Jarolick’s crew retrieved their camera nearby our proposal’s namesake mountain.  Hiking in, they came across a deer carcass that made them suspect of what they had captured on the camera.  Jamie analyzed the data from the card, and two moose and a coyote later, they concluded that the perpetrator of deer had likely escaped unseen.

sledmudMike Wolcott and FSPW Project Coordinator Kristen Nowicki removed the fourth bait station on Friday.  Getting to the plot required overcoming a couple of obstacles along the way, including a mud slide and random road patches without any snow for their snowmachines.  beaver!







But the day got better, and the 100% chance of rain broke into occasional sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the day.  When their data card was analyzed, our Photo Warrior Deborah identified a new critter for out 2014 plots, the Ermine!

ermin1ermine2Other guests to our bait station included fisher and rabbit!

Thanks to all these hardworking and concerned Citizen Scientists composing our Wolverine Crews and Photo Warriors!  Don’t forget, FSPW is throwing a party to thank all of you next Tuesday, April 8th, at Eichardt’s Pub and Grill in Sandpoint.  Join in and enjoy some hors d’oeuvres and learn about our experiences and results as we wrap up the 2013-14 winter season.   Check our events page for details!

STAY WILD!photo 1




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