It’s Wolverine Wednesday: Last Call for Stations!

We are approaching our Camera Bait Station installation deadline, and it looks like we are going to make it!  Our last two bait stations will be going out this weekend.  During the week a crew headed out to make a last check for conditions: Ice, check.  Crusty snow, check.  River crossing possible?  Check.  The question now becomes, will Jim choose boots next time??? 1-28-14 057-1

Hopefully poor Bill will have some solid luck getting his plot up (this trackwill be a fourth attempt!).  Either way, his work and effort have been remarkable, it is all very appreciated!  He found this track en route to the plot on his last attempt.  Any guesses as to who left it?

Another Corridor Camera station went up over the weekend, near a drainage flowing into the Lightening Creek ‘Treasured Landscape” region.  The crew observed mustelid tracks near a discarded ungulate carcass as they began their hike to their coordinates.  That’s promising!!   They set their camera wolverine-ishup near a moose bed facing the draw in hopes of capturing thirsty traveling critters.  But just to be sure that they had their camera angles set well, they had to think like a mustelid.  Some of them even chose to move like a mustelid!

I had the good fortune to procure a group of extremely friendly and interested middle school students at the Forest Charter Middle School as my crew to setup a Corridor Camera Station near Blue Creek, thanks to some thoughtful efforts by their instructor, Becky Bigley.  Last week I introduced them to our project and fieldwork protocols in their classroom.  They listened well, seemed excited, and had very thoughtful questions to ask, such as, “if I take this compass to the north pole and try and use it, will it stand-up on its end?” and “Is there a chance we may capture a Sasquatch with the camera?”  Like good scientists, we formed hypotheses and will test them during our project.  We are awaiting pictures from this event, and will report back from the field in due time!

Thanks everyone for staying tuned and to all our volunteers for their sharp minds and strong legs!  ID Fish & Game have two more bait plots in the area and are looking for additional FSPW Volunteers who may be interested in setting them up!  They will be a long, hard field day in a beautiful area, and will require snowmobile assistance.  Please contact me at if you are interested!







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