Tuesday Trail Talk

The sky was streaked with various shades of pink and blue- that combination that as kids we called “sky blue-pink”. But there at tree line, the sunset was bigger, clearer, and deeper than any I had seen before. That was my first experience in wilderness, over thirty years ago. It’s embedded in my memory and even in my soul. It is moments like these that are what psychologist Abraham Maslow called “peak experiences”. As I look back, it is amazing how many of my most memorable experiences have taken place in a wilderness, whether desert or mountain. And now I am lucky enough to live where there’s wilderness in my own backyard.

It may or may not be a peak experience for you, but the Star Peak trail re-build on Sunday, July 8 is bound to be a lot of fun. You can still volunteer if you can come out to join the crew or – even better – to bring goodies. Email me at trails@scotchmanpeaks.org if you want to help.

If you have been trying to reach Judy Hutchins to join the Montana Native Plant Society hike to Surprise Gulch and Grouse Lake on July 7th, your email might have bounced back. That’s because there was an error in the 2012 Summer Hike Series in the last newsletter. Judy’s real email is jhutch7494@aol.com and her phone number is 406-847-2717. There is still time and space to join the hike!

Ready for a black diamond excursion? Jim Mellen is leading the Scotchman Triple Header July 14th and 15th. If you are primed for this hiking triathlon, email jimandsandii@gmail.com.

There is another chance to work on the Star Peak trail on July 20 and a hike for us less gnarly folk through Spar Creek Canyon to Little Spar Lake on July 21st, Contact Sara Lundstrum at 406-755-6304 or slundstrum@wildmontana.org

See you on the trail!

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