10,000 Friends for the Wild Scotchmans

We made our 10,000th Friend this summer! What does that mean? It means that since our beginnings in 2005, 10,000 people have signed their name in support of keeping the Scotchmans wild.

An overwhelming majority of these Friends are from Idaho and Montana, living in the communities surrounding the Scotchmans. They are bow hunters from Libby, backcountry horsemen from Rathdrum, mountain bikers from Sandpoint, and everyone else in between.  

FSPW’s official 10,000th friend was Lesly Starling, resident of Libby, Montana. Shes a mom to three adult children, one grandson, one funny feline, and partner to her favorite hiking buddy, Brad Bechler.  New to Lincoln County after twenty-one years in the Flathead, Lesly is stoked to spend quiet time in the great outdoors.  As a nurse, she deeply values her time spent in nature as a source of rejuvenating self-care.   

We asked Lesly why she became a Friend of the Scotchmans. Here’s what she said: 

“I believe that our wild lands need protection and I really love the idea of a community and volunteer driven grassroots collaboration working towards that outcome.”   

– Lesly Starling, resident of Libby, Montana

Thank you to Lesly and the 999 other Friends for your support in keeping our backyard wild, rugged, and roadless.  

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