Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

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Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and Longleaf Wilderness Medicine Institute present

Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

June 25th&26, or June 29th&30th

at the Waterlife Discovery Center on Lakeshore Dr, Sagle, ID

The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness are training our Project Lead Volunteers who will be directing volunteer crews in stewardship activities in the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area.  And because we can, FSPW would like to take the opportunity to open enrollment for this course to any of our Friends who may be interested!

Longleaf Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness First Aid is an introductory level course and is perfect for outdoor adventurers, people who hunt and fish, Scouts and their parents, and anyone who would like to increase their ability to respond to emergencies when help is more than just a phone call away.   During our Wilderness First Aid courses, you will learn how to assess patients, provide basic life support, treat common injuries and illness, and decide when to call for more help. You’ll learn strategies for prevention of injuries, as well as hands-on skills like splinting, wound care, and managing spine injuries.  The WFA course is 16 hours, taking place over two days. In addition to hands on skills practice, several realistic simulations will occur during the course to refine your skills.   After the course, you’ll walk away feeling more prepared to handle medical emergencies, treat minor problems, and improvise solutions when help is not available.   Longleaf’s Wilderness First Aid course is recognized by the American Camp Association .
Prerequisites    – 16 years of age or older      – Hold a current Adult CPR certification

The cost of this course is $150.  There is a CPR certification session available on the evening of 6/24th and 6/28th for those who need it.  If you have any questions regarding this course, or if you would like to attend, please contact trails@scotchmanpeaks.org for more informantion.

Thank you so much for your support!

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