Background Fact Sheet

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, founded by concerned citizens from North Idaho and Western Montana, has offices in Sandpoint, Idaho, Heron and Libby, Mont., and thousands of supporters who believe Wilderness designation for the Scotchman Peaks will benefit our region.


Ecological benefit – wilderness designation for the Scotchmans would protect:

  • Water quality, flora and fauna, such as grizzly bears, lynx, mountain goat, and bull trout.
  • Low elevation boreal and old growth forests, which are not well represented in the National Wilderness Preservation System.


The Scotchmans are well situated for wilderness because:

  • There are no protected wilderness areas in Idaho’s nine northern counties.
  • The Kootenai has less wilderness than any other national forest in Montana.
  • No new wilderness has been designated on this forest since 1964.


Wilderness designation for the Scotchmans does NOT:

  • Close any existing roads, motorized trails, or snowmobiling areas.
  • Restrict hunting, fishing, hiking, berry picking or any non-mechanized activities (in fact it enhances these activities).
  • Impact any existing, or proposed, timber or mining areas or jobs.


Economic impact – What wilderness DOES do:

  • Local communities will benefit from the unparalleled recreational and economic opportunities that wilderness provides.
  • Many studies have indicated a strong link between protected public lands and diverse, vibrant western economies.


To see a list of resolutions of support, endorsements, or calls for congressional action, click here.


Wilderness designation for the Scotchman Peaks makes both ecologic and economic sense for our region, for our families, for our future.


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