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Trail Crew Participants

Thank you for volunteering on a trail project with us!

The first volunteer project we organized with the Forest Service in the Scotchman Peaks area was in June 2010 in response to major downfall from a wind event in October 2009. It was such a great success that the following spring, we entered a cost share agreement with the three ranger districts in the area to continue this important trail stewardship work, keeping trails in the Scotchmans open and hike-able for our community.

If you’ve recently joined us on a trail project, please take a moment to complete this post-project survey to let us know how it went.

Trail Crew Leaders

Trail Crew Leader Manual

Guided Hike Participants

We are so happy you joined us in exploring our wild backyard with one of our volunteer hike leaders. If you haven’t already, please fill out this quick post-hike survey to let us know how it went.

Guided Hike Leaders

If you’ve signed up to lead a hike with FSPW, you should have received a copy of our Hike Leader Manual in your confirmation email. Please be sure to review the contents thoroughly before your hike!

Hike Leader Manual

Trail Ambassadors

Thanks for helping to protect hikers and goats in the Scotchmans! Our full Trail Ambassador info page can be found here.

Click here to access our Trail Ambassador Training handout.

Please fill out the Trail Ambassador Report Form if you’ve recently hiked Scotchman Peak.


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