Ecosystems at heart of ‘Sky Migrations’

By Cameron Rasmusson

Ecosystems are a study in contrasts. On the one hand, they can last for hundreds of thousands of years. On the other, it only takes a small change to send the system toppling like dominoes. It’s why saving wild places for our kids and grandkids is so important.

“Sky Migrations,” one of 10 short films featured at this week’s SYRCL Wild & Scenic Film Festival, is a perfect case in point. It follows a team of conservationists as they track and protect the migration patterns of birds of prey. The movie is both poetic and energetic, highlighting a reverence for the majestic birds the team follows while having fun along the way.

“It takes a network of stewards to make sure those hawks will be around in a couple hundred years,” says ecologist Charles Post.

As “Sky Migrations” demonstrates, even a small element of an ecosystem, like raptor migratory patterns, can be a sign of wilderness health. Because every element of an ecosystem is interconnected, wilderness stewards work to ensure that delicate chain isn’t disrupted.

“In order for conservation to succeed, there’s got to be a global undercurrent of stewardship,” Post says. “Seeing [those birds] flying across your sky is just an indication that there still is wilderness.”

It’s that kind of message that highlights the importance of stewardship in our own wild backyard. And the SYRCL Wild & Scenic Film Festival is the perfect time to remember that. Tickets are almost sold out, so pick one up at Eichardt’s, Outdoor Experience or La Chic Boutique today.

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Cameron Rasmusson is a writer and journalist who grew up in Scotchmans territory. While he now calls Sandpoint home, he spent his formative years in the natural beauty of Libby, Montana. From elementary to high school, he enjoyed the outdoor experiences that mountain towns provide.

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