Trail Project Day: Star Gulch #1016

When: Saturday Jul 01, 2023
Where: Star Gulch #1016

Contact: joel Thompson
Event Description:

Join us on a trail project where you can break a sweat, meet new friends, and give back to our wild backyard. You’ll help to clear downed trees, repair tread, enhance trail by trimming back plants and reduce user-created shortcuts on the trail.

Wear sturdy boots, carry lots of water, pack lunch and lots of snacks, dress in long pants, long shirt, hat, sunblock, and bring your own work gloves. FSPW will take care of the rest.

We will meet @8am-3pm PST

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How to get there:

#1016 Star Gulch Trailhead

Star Gulch Trail #1016 follows Star Gulch and provides access to Star Peak and historic Star Peak Lookout. Pilick Ridge Trail #1036 and Big Eddy Trail #998 take off from Star Peak providing loop opportunities.    The trail crosses Star Gulch just up the trail from the junction with Dry Creek Trail #1020.  This crossing can be challenging and dangerous during high runoff. Be advised Dry Creek Trail #1020 crosses Dry Creek ¼ mile from the trailhead.  This crossing can be challenging during high runoff.

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