It’s Wolverine Wednesday!

Hey Wolverine Watch!

As of today, we have gotten 8 of our 17 stations back from the field! Many surprising critters were caught on camera inspecting the succulent bait, including a moose and one very inquisitive bull elk! We also have observed some more members of the mustelid family, included some more fishers, martins, and a beautiful ermine! Check out the pictures!

In honor of our furry white friend, here are a few facts about ermine:

  • The ermines’ scientific name is Mustela erminea.
  • Ermine are also called stoats. Typically they are called stoats in the summer, when their coats are a ginger color, and ermines in the winter, when their coats are snow white.
  • Their white fur is highly desirable, and is often used to trim fur coats.
  • They hunt in a zigzag pattern, looking in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Ermines like to eat small, warm-blooded vertebrates, usually rabbit size or smaller.
  • They can travel up to 15km in one night!

And now, a few of our nominations for the 2nd Annual Badass Award! This contest is still open so feel free to nominate your fellow volunteers!

  • J, J, & J: Jim Mellen, Jacob Styer, and Jake Ostman for sleeping on the side of the road in order to be up before the sun to make it to their station.  And for just being all around BA’s!
  • Audrey Wartinger: This young middle schooler from Spokane was nominated for carrying the 30 pound beaver AND the gusto the majority of the way to her station. Especially considering the beaver was about a third of her weight!
  • Eric Dickinson: “Sir Eric of the Sled” for jousting with the black knight, Bullwinkle, on the black knight’s own field of battle. Or, in less medieval terms, for defending his snowmobile against a bull moose!
  • Jasper, the dog: For accompanying his people on two of the stations and for not eating the beaver!

Don’t forget!!!!!! March 3rd is our End-of-Season Party! Come celebrate with all of your fellow volunteers! We’ll kick off the festivities at 2:00pm at Eichardt’s located at 212 Cedar St. in downtown Sandpoint.

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