Its Wolverine Wednesday! Award Winning Volunteers…

Time flies when you are having fun!

This week FSPW honored all the remarkable Friends, old and new, who have stepped forward to work and support this year’s Wolverine Watch.  It was a lot of fun getting together, and special awards were given out during the evening for volunteers who stood out for one reason or another.  Drum roll, please….


‘Badass’ Award: Kristin Litz and Robin Carleton, for setting up and taking down (in a day-long rain!) one of our most remote bait plots via 100% human power, on skiis!  Thanks Kristin and Robin!

‘Gnarliest Volunteer Ever’ (the gnar-gnar award) : Jim Mellen, for his incredible audacity and trekking the most miles in this year’s study.  Jim Mellen is responsible for the completion of 1/3 of all our bait plots, and without him this effort would not have been neaqr the success it has become.  Thanks Jim!

‘Best Team Spirit’ (the rah-rah award) : Team Gulo Gulo, for their inspiring Team Spirit, team-building, fun and positive attitude, and outstanding support for this study 3 seasons strong!  Thanks team Gulo Gulo!

‘Most Creative Machinist’ (the ah-ha! award) : Ron Mamajek, for thinking out of the box to help tow out a crew’s stuck Chevy Tahoe with his (wife’s) Suburu.  Thanks for the over-and-above assistance, Ron!

Of course, everyone deserved and award, because FSPW Citizen Scientists and Stewards give 100% effort in all that they do!  Therefore, Project Coordinator Kristen Nowicki was assisted by two wonderful youth volunteers, Noah (age 7) and Quin (age 4) in crafting small gifts for everyone who came.  If you had to miss this event, stop by the office for your felt wolverine, who serves to spread the word about these amazing creatures and their amazing home to up and coming generations.

More bait plots are coming down this week, so look for those findings in next week’s blog.  Thank you to our Photo Warrior this week, Denise Z


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